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Cork Cycle Right Programme

The Cork Cycle Right programme (formerly known as the Cork Safer Cycling Programme) provides subsidised cycle training to schools in Cork City and County over an 8 session programme. The subsidised programme is coordinated by Cork Sports Partnership on behalf of Cork City Council, Cork County Council and the HSE Health Promotion Department. This subsidised programme is run in conjunction with the National Cycle Right Programme coordinated by Cycling Ireland. 


CYCLE RIGHT, the national standard for cycle safety training, was launched in January 2017. The programme was developed by the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport in association with Cycling Ireland, the RSA and other stakeholders.


CYCLE RIGHT, the National Standard for Cycle Training in Ireland is a modular cycling road safety training course which is delivered over three stages, with participants gaining skills and knowledge on a phased basis to prepare for cycling in increasingly complex road scenarios. As participants move through the stages of training, they take greater responsibility for their own journey;

  • At Stage One (8-hour duration, ratio of 1 registered trainer to a maximum of 15 participants off-road, and 2 registered trainers to 10 participants on road), trainees undertake trainer-directed bicycle and road skills training mixed with theoretical and Rules of the Road instruction based at classroom and off-road locations. Stage One also aims to include on-road training in a local environment appropriate for novice riders.
  • At Stage Two (3-hour duration, ratio of 2 registered trainers to a maximum of 10 participants), trainees move to take an active role with regard to the journey and decision-making in a trainer-facilitated broad environment.
  • By Stage Three (3-hour duration, ratio of 2 registered trainers to a maximum of 8 participants), trainees take the lead role on the journey, planning the route and making active decisions with regard to positioning and interaction with traffic in a complex environment. At this stage the trainer is in an accompanying role.

Currently only Stage One Cycle Right Training is being provided and coordinated in Cork. 


Trainer training and annual registration, and on-going internal and external monitoring are part of a quality assurance framework designed to ensure best-practice cycle training is delivered in keeping with CYCLE RIGHT, the National Standard. All trainers will be Garda Vetted through Cycling Ireland as a part of this process.


Prior to the formulation of Cycle Right, there was no designated standard of delivery in Ireland. This meant that duration of course, content and quality of delivery likely varied from area to area.

Cycle Right, the National Standard for Ireland, offers

·         Best-practice in cycle training, derived specifically for our unique environment

·         Quality of delivery and an on-going quality assurance system to ensure consistency

·         Guaranteed ratio of qualified, registered trainers to work with your groups

·         A goal of on-road training as a core part of the programme

·         Individualised feedback on defined outcomes for participants

·         Resources for schools, teachers and parents/guardians to facilitate follow up and support to training

As to funding, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and the Road Safety Authority are supplying the additional resources required to ensure that the cost of Cycle Right does not add any additional financial burden to parents and schools.


If you have previously taken part in cycle training, you may contact your trainer, or they may be in touch with you to arrange a course for your school.

If this will be your first experience with cycle training, please contact CYCLE RIGHT at the email address listed. 




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