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EnergyFit is a pilot programme to help sports facilities reduce their costs through energy efficiency.

An average small club could save €3,000 per annum through energy efficiency. Similar savings are also achievable for for golf, tennis, Rugby, Soccer, yacht, leisure centres and gym’s. 10-20% savings on energy bills are achievable at no or low cost to your club.

Futurefit are dedicated to energy efficiency in sport for the benefit of sport. We draw down funds and grants to help clubs save money.FutureFit can help your sports clubs to achieve these savings.

Through their EnergyFit programme, they will help upskill the club-appointed energy champions to understand your clubs energy cost and act to reduce it over time. The programme provides expert training, materials, mentoring and networking to ensure your club has a friend in the energy business; someone from your club who understands your club’s energy habits and equipment and is trained and readily available to improve your clubs energy performance.



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