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FAMILY PLAY (Games & Activities)

Cork Sports Partnership, in conjunction with a number of partner organisations, have put together the following physical activity opportunities and resources to help you stay active in the comfort of your own home.  


Please adhere to up to date HSE guidelines on social distancing if you are exercising in public spaces. These guidelines can be viewed here >>>

Click here >>> to download the 'Keep Cork Active' booklet.


Safefood EU  Interactive  Activity Spinning Wheel 


Becoming more active doesn’t have to mean organised sports, it can be any outdoor activities like Hopscotch or Kerbs, or if the weather keeps you indoors, Blind Man's Bluff or Simon Says.

Introducing your kids to games that you played when you were their age is a great way for everyone to get moving and active. Here are some ideas from Safefood EU to get you started. 

Even better yet, let the 'Wheel of Destiny' decide what activity you do today. See link below to spin.

  • Safefood EU Interactive Games Interactive Spinning Wheel - Click here >>>

Active Playgrounds

Active Playgrounds was developed by Get Ireland Active to increase play and physical activity during school break times. Many of these games can be also used in the home environment. 

This resource provides many ideas for activities and games using playground markings and other playground games.

The games outlined are aimed at increasing enjoyment, motivation and adherence in child involvement and learning.

They can be simplified or progressed depending on the age and ability of the children.

Many of the games can be adapted for indoor play, using similar equipment as well as music. 

Virtual Run Around Ireland

The Active Schools "Run Around Ireland" Challenge can be adapted to your home environment. Instead of running a lap of your school, run around your house a number of times (depending on how big your house is) and track your progress. 

Get all the family out and see who will be the first to run around the island of Ireland. 

For other Active School's information see www.activeschoolflag.ie

Fun Resources & Games


The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) has developed a number of resources to support play in a playground or school setting. 

Playground Games:

- Without Equipment (Beans, Laughing Tag, Follow the Leader)

- Traditional Games (Duck Duck Goose, Simon Says etc.)

This guide is easily adapted for use in the home with easy to follow how to set up descriptions for each game.

Move Well Move Often:

Practice your fundamental movements skills such as jumping, skipping, hopping, dodging, landing, balancing, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, walking or running. Follow the buttons on the side of linked PDST page for video descriptions. 

Garden Treasure Hunt 

How to create a Treasure Hunt in your garden:

Treasure hunts have long been a staple weekend or school holiday activity for kids of all ages – challenging their problem-solving and teamwork skills.

But rather than copying a boring old treasure hunt, Capital Gardens has compiled a set of tips to help you create an exciting hunt for your family. Here’s the step-by-step guide to creating an incredible back garden treasure hunt.

Another version of How to Set Up a Treasure Hunt game by Youth Sports Trust UK is outlined in the video below. 

Home Arts & Crafts Ideas

Detailed and fun step by step guides to your own Arts & Crafts at home.



Free Sports themed colouring sheets.


Family Fun Fitness

Family Fun Fitness

Cork Sports Partnership has created a Family Fun Fitness pack to help families exercise and stay active together in a fun back to basics circuit. The circuit comprises of general Movement & Animal Movement exercises that will both challenge and entertain younger and older members of the family while completing at home!

This Family Fun Fitness pack comes with short demonstration videos and a checklist so you can measure how many times per week each member

of the family has completed the circuit.

- Family Fun Fitness - Click here >>>

Cosmic Yoga


Yoga is known to be a great recreational activity that offers opportunity to self regulate promoting positive behaviour. See below yoga based activities we have collated for your child and siblings to take part in at home. 

For more information & ideas see www.cosmickids.com

Lego Games

The official LEGO® channel hopes to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, so there's lots of awesome videos here for families to enjoy together, from exclusive webisodes to stop motion animations!

Lego YouTube Channel - Click here >>>

This Girl Can

This Girl Can is all about celebrating getting active in a fun and sociable way. Here are some of the activities they have developed. 

Fun School Games

School Games is a resource developed by Youth Sport Trust in the UK. The games outlined in this resource are aimed at increasing enjoyment, motivation and adherence in child involvement and learning.

They can be simplified or progressed depending on the age and ability of the children. Here are some games to get you started.

For more information on Youth Sport Trust UK see https://www.youthsporttrust.org/

Project Spraoi


Project Spraoi is an initiative coordinated by Cork Institute of Technology that aims to increase physical activity, improve dietary intake and positively influence the overall health of Irish children. 

The following Project Spraoi resources will also keep you active and healthy at home. 

For more information on Project Spraoi see www.projectspraoi.cit.ie/

Zero to Three

During the first three years of life, emotionally nourishing relationships lay the foundation for lifelong health and well-being.

Zero to Three have some great resources to support families with young children.


The Inclusion Lab

The Inclusion Lab has lots of tips and takeaways for families to stay active and healthy. 

  • 24 At-Home Learning Activities to Share with Parents of Young Children - Click here >>> 

Water, Road, Farm Safety

Cork County Council has a number of resources to keep children entertained, informed and educated during this difficult time, check out the following fun resources below:

Healthy Kidz Global Challenge

Healthy Kidz champion physical activity in schools and recently launched it's Global Challenge to support parents with a programme of activities and resources. 

Healthy Kidz Global Challenge calls on families to increase their levels of activity through physical and fun challenges with an opportunity of winning weekly prizes. Each week a new set of challenges, tutorials, tips and advice will be posted on Healthy Kidz social media channels. 

What Moms Love

What Moms Love have put tother an amazing collection of creative indoor activities and games for all the family to enjoy. 




Sports Fun, Skills & Challenges

Cork Sports Partnership in conjunction with a number of National Governing Bodies of Sport & Organisations, have put together the following sports skills and challenges to help people of all ages to stay active at home!

Many of these activities are adaptive to suit all abilities. Some activities include;

  • Skills Challenges 
  • Colouring, Suduko & Quizzes
  • Home Exercises & Workouts


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