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AXA Community Bike Rides: Training From Home & Virtual Bike Rides

Ongoing Covid-19 restrictions mean AXA Community Bike Rides have been deferred for now but there are plenty of other options to continue to improve your cycling within the home environment. Such examples include cycling specific strength training and increasing your knowledge on topics such as interval based sessions!

Other options include learning how to fix a puncture, setting up your a saddle and maintaining your bike correctly so you get the most from your efforts!

Cork Sports Partnership are delighted to share with you the following videos on such topics created by the AXA Community Bike Rides Team!

Check out the following clips of this series that have been launched on Facebook recently. Keep an eye out as there are further clips being shared over the coming month for you to look forward to!

Home Strength Training for Cycling: Part 1

Home Strength Training for Cycling: Part 2 

**Home Strength Training for Cycling: Part 3 - Thurs 11th June**

**Stretching After Your Bike Ride - Thurs 18th June**

Indoor Training For Beginners 
Finding The Best Bike Position
Virtual Solo Bike Rides - Why not earn rewards while you cycle on your own?

AXA Community Bike Rides are providing an opportunity for you to take part in a solo bike ride within a 5km radius of your home. Members need to click ‘take part’ on any of the advertised bike rides and complete the ride at ANY time of the day that suits them. Click here>>>


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