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Blind Football

Blind Football is suitable players who have a vision impairment or are blind. 

Blind Football is played on a hard surface 20m by 40m with kick-boards on both sides of the pitch running the length of the pitch. The game uses a ball with ball bearings in it to allow the ball to make a noise and give the players the chance to know where the ball is.

It is a 5-v-5 game with all 4 outfield players fully blind wearing eye patches and blindfolds to ensure no light gets in. The two goalkeepers are fully sighted.

There are 3 coaches allowed to speak with players during a match. The goalkeeper in the defensive third, a coach on the halfway line and finally an attacking coach behind the opponents goal. These coaches can only speak with the players when the ball is in their third of the pitch.

Blind Football is played monthly in Ballincollig, Co. Cork organised and run through the FAI Football For All programme. 

  • We welcome new players 
  • Males & Females welcome

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