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Award Categories


There are four Active Community Awards that groups can apply for:

1. Active Community Group

  • This award is to acknowledge a volunteer group of people that campaign to give members of the community the opportunity to participate in locally coordinated physical activity and community sports programmes and opportunities.    
  • As a group, they bring about change in their community. Examples of projects may include; Development of facilities/ infrastructure, applications for grants, online campaigns, community physical activity campaigns etc. 
  • They inspire and motivate others and have been particularly successful in engaging and creating sustainable local opportunities to benefit the whole community. They equally promote positive health and wellbeing, inclusive for all. 
  • Nominee examples; Local Town Councils, Community Groups, Tidy Towns, Parents Associations, Sports/Physical Activity Group or Club, Volunteer Groups, Disability Service, Local Schools Groups etc. programmes or events. 

2. Active Community Campaign Award 

  • This award is to acknowledge and recognise successful community campaigns, events or initatives that encourage people to be active.  
  • These events or initiatives give people the opportunity to participate in locally led physical activity and community sports programmes while equally promoting positive health and wellbeing for all.  
  • They encourage and promote the use of existing facilities and amenities or engage people in online programmes or initatives.
  • Nominee examples; walking weekends, local health campaigns, part of a national campaign eg European Week of Sport, Bike Week, Operation Transformation, Active Schools etc.
  • Campaigns may include; Annual to once-off events, Programmes and Initiatives.

3. Active Community Champion Award 

  • This award is to acknowledge an individual’s work in the development and or promotion of locally led physical activity and community sports programmes.
  • This award recognises the individual who has made a significant impact on improving local health and wellbeing through sport, exercise or physical activity opportunities and initatives in a voluntary capacity. 
  • It recognizes individuals' efforts in leading and activating opportunities for people to be active across sport, exercise and physical activity. Without this individual, community lead initiatives would not be possible. 

4. Active Community Inclusion Award 


  • This award is to acknowledge groups or organisations that provide a leading role in the area of inclusion in their communities.  Their aim is to minimise social exclusion and/or help to improve the quality of life and reduce barriers to participation for socially excluded groups through physical activity or sports.  
  • This award will focus on support which has been given to socially excluded groups in the area of sport and physical activity.  
  • Examples include; Working with the elderly, People with Disabilities, Ethnic Minority, Travelling Community, People in Direct Provision and the Homeless. 

Please note that all categories are open for public entry and groups can apply for multiple categories. For more inofmation contact Catherina Lane at healthyireland1@corksports.ie




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