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Who can I nominate?
  • Anyone you know can be nominated.
  • Any type of volunteer can be nominated – full-time, part-time, once-off, brand new or very experienced.
  • Nominees who receive payment for their work are not eligible.
Can I enter more than one category?
  • Yes, you can enter as many categories as applicable. You must submit a separate entry each time.
When can I nominate?
  • Nominations for the Active Community Awards are currently open. You can apply >>here
Who is organising the awards?
  • The Active Community Awards are organised by Cork Sports Partnership with the support of the Healthy Ireland Fund and local partners Cork County Council and Cork City Council. 
Will there be an Awards Ceremony?
  • The Active Community Awards ceremony is due to take place on 18th June 2021. This is subject to public health guidelies and Coivd-19 restrictions. 
What happens when I submit a nomination?
  • You will receive email confirmation of your nomination. If you are unsure if your nomination has been received, please contact us before re-submitting it to avoid duplications (healthyireland1@corksports.ie)
  • The Cork Sports Partnership will carry out a verification process for all nominations recieved.
  • A judging panel will review all verified nominations and shortlist winners for each category. 
  • If shortlisted, nominees will be contacted in using the contact details supplied on the nomination form. Nominees will only be contacted if they are shortlisted.
  • All nominations will be acknowledged as part of the process.

What are the categories?
  • Active Community Group Award
  • Active Community Champion Award
  • Active Community Campaign Award
  • Active Community Inclusion Award
How do I choose a category?
  • Choose the category that best suits the group or individual. You can enter as many categories as applicable.  Don’t worry too much if you are unsure which one to choose, we will correct the category if it is not the most suitable.
  • For more information on each category, click here >>>
Can children be nominated?
  • No, children under 18 years cannot be nominated. Only adults 18+ are eligable to be nominated for these awards.
How are nominees shortlisted?
  • Nominations will be collated per category and names will be removed before shortlisting. A shortlisting panel reviews the anonymous nominations.

  • Nominations will only be judged on the information provided in the original nomination form and inline with category criteria. No links or attachments will be read.

  • All nominations submitted will be verified by Cork Sports Partneship prior to the shotlisting process.
Is there an entry fee?
  • No, there is no entry fee.
What will i recieve as a winner of an awards category?
  • You will be awarded with the title of the category you have entered and will be entitled to use the title in all your own communications and marketing activity for the period of 12 months after the awards.
  • You will also receive a special medal, a monetary voucher and branded gear both for individual and group category winners.
  • Winners will also receive pre and post awards media coverage provided by our communications partners.
  • All category nominations will be acknowledged with a certificate of participation.
If I have any queries on the entry requirements, can I engage with a member of the organising committee?

Yes, to help you with your entry you can email Catherina Lane at healthyireland1@corksports.ie or call on 087 6356597.


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