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Getautismactive is an online programme designed to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with ASD by providing a training programme to develop and deliver the alphabet of movement.  A number of fundamental movement skills were chosen for the programme to include balance, ball bouncing, ball rolling, catching, dodging, forward roll, hopping, horizontal jump, jumping from a height, kicking, leaping, overarm throw, running, skipping, sliding, static balance, vertical jump and volleying. 

The basis of the programme is that if individuals with ASD learn and refine the fundamental movement skills outlined, they will have increased self-efficacy, feel more competent and confident to participate in quality physical activity and thus avail of the many benefits this participation affords. This includes opportunity to be physically healthy, socialise with others, feel emotionally connected and enjoy an endorphin release.   Moreover, the risks associated with sedentary lifestyles will be reduced i.e. obesity, hypertension and depression to mention but a few.

The programme takes an eclectic approach to teaching and learning skills for individuals on the spectrum, using a variety of teaching and learning methodologies and tools and also availing of opportunities for incidental teaching and learning. The principles include applied behaviour analysis, TEACCH, Pivotal Response Training, use of video, use of mobile digital technology and key aspects of reflective practice.

 The programme is structured as follows:

  • Each movement skill is broken down into component parts in the identifying features section.
  • Video demonstration is provided for each skill.
  • Voice over prompt of the key teaching and learning points are included.
  • Sample incidental teaching and learning points are included for each skill chosen.
  • Proprioceptive stretches are included for pre and post sessions.
  • The format for programme delivery is as follows:
  • Ensure the ASD/FMS Support kit is available.
  • Start off with a warm up and include the stretches in the stretches section.
  • Watch the video of the skill.
  • Demonstrate the skill
  • Ask the participant to imitate the skill
  • Video the participant doing the skill
  • Ask the participant to repeat each skill 5 times
  • Include at least 3 skills to be learned and one from each category i.e. locomotor, manipulation and balance.
  • Skills that are similar can be taught together i.e. catching and throwing.
  • Use block practice of each skill to begin with and then extend to random practice in a game situation.
  • Start off with 1:1 engagement initially until the rudimentary of each skill is developed and then extend to include others as tolerated.
  • Use the recorded video after training as a tool to further refine the skill and to provide opportunity for further teaching and learning in relation to commenting on the skill, who, when, how and where it happened.
  • Include and develop opportunity to challenge the development of new skills and the refinement of those already learned.
  • The more often a skill is practiced, the more intensive the practice and the longer the practice the greater the chance of success.
  • Ask family to provide opportunity to engage in the skills in home, community and sports settings.
  • Building a bank of video clips provides the participant, family, teachers and practitioners with a record of progress of skill development over time and may motivate a whole family approach to participation.

The online programme includes a printable handbook. This affords opportunity to record progress and list any relevant comments for each session. The reflective framework provides a guide to consider what worked well, what needed to be adjusted or amended and what to include in the next session. 



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