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Halliwick Swimming for People with Disabilities


Halliwick Concept Foundation Course


Date: Over 4 days:  15th/16th and 29th/30th September 2018

Times: 9 am to 5 pm each day.

Venue: LeisureWorld Bishopstown, Cork.

Cost: €300

Download application form here 

The Halliwick method of swim teaching is a one-to-one assistant/swimmer programme aimed at people with physical disabilities but can facilitate all abilities. It is based on a ten-point programme where flotation aids such as armbands, rubber rings etc. are not used enabling and encouraging swimmers to find and control their balance in a supported environment to become mentally adjusted and more confident in the water.

Georgina, whose daughter has a visual impairment and took part a group halliwick swim programme in Leisureworld explains how the sessions have benefited her daughter.....

'Before the halliwick programme Anna participated in mainstream swim classes but wouldn't put her head under the water and I was advised that she couldn't progress onwards. As a result of the halliwick swim programme she now has her full body in the water and is ready to progess onto mainstream classes with her new found water confidence'!  

In Cork Halliwick Swim programmes are available in Leisureworld both in Bishopstown and Churchfield on an individual one-to-one lesson or group programme. For more information please log onto http://bishopstown.leisureworldcork.com/index.cfm/page/accessibility1.          

Contact (021) 4346505 / Accessibility@leisureworldcork.com

If you would like to find out more information on the Halliwick method of swimming please log onto The Halliwick Swimming Association of Ireland website http://halliwick.ie/halliwick/





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