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Let's Play Cork Older Adult Pack

Since February 2019, Cork City has been working with seven other cities across
Europe, learning how to make our city a more playful city. We are implementing some of
their great ideas we have seen and developing our own.

Play is something that unites us, accessible to all, no matter our age. “We only grow old
when we stop playing” is not just a saying - scientific research has proved that playing
and the associated fun it creates all contribute to a longer and better quality of life.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to focus our attention on creating a series
of play resources to make these times more enjoyable. Many of these games and
puzzles will be familiar to you but we have collected them together into a pack that you
can dip in and out of. Perhaps you can find new ways of playing these over the phone or
through correspondence with friends of family.

This booklet and the resources that accompany it were produced in collaboration with
people from a range of different organisations in Cork. Our common goal is to create a
fun-filled collection of games and activities for you to engage with.
We are grateful to the many people who contributed their time and thoughts, there’s
even a few of Corks more famous daughters and sons who took time out to create
something to entertain you. - Martin O'Donoghue, Chair, Let's Play Cork


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