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Made 2 Move


Made2Move is a physical activity intervention with the aim of helping a physically inactive person become more active. By the end of the programme, the participant will reach the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week on a regular basis. By becoming more active, the health and wellbeing of the participant will vastly improve. The intervention will help the participant build physical activity into their day and maintain it as a long term habit.

Made2Move is a unique programme which involves a MoveMentor and a MoveMentee. The MoveMentor is a physically active person and he/she helps a physically inactive person become more active. The MoveMentor encourages, supports and motivates their MoveMentee to make the behavioural change to become more active.

The MoveMentor undergoes a 3 hour training session with former Olympian Gillian O Sullivan. The training includes learning about physical activity and motivational techniques to manage their MoveMentee throughout the programme. The training provides practical tools in how the MoveMentor can help their MoveMentee.

Made2Move is an exciting intervention which aims to support the participants to make the change and create a routine that they can maintain on a long term basis.

The MoveMentors learn how to help their MoveMentee overcome obstacles and challenges in trying to stay active. The MoveMentors are advocates for physical activity and are eager to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of their chosen MoveMentee.


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