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Playful Paradigm/Playful Cork City

Cork is a designated World Health Organisation Healthy City since January 2012. With this designation is a requirement of the local authority to commit to health and a process and structure to achieve it.  A WHO Healthy City is one that continually creates and improves its physical and social environments and expands the community resources that enable people to mutually support each other in performing all the functions of life and developing to their maximum potential.  Healthy Cities is based on a recognition that population health is not merely a product of health sector activities but largely determined by policies and actions beyond the health sector.  Cork Sports Partnership has been a member of Cork Healthy Cities since 2012, and supports a number of projects and initatives across Cork City. 

What is the URBACT Playful Paradigm: 

The URBACT Playful Paradigm transfer network is based on the use of “games” for promoting social inclusion, healthy lifestyles and energy awareness, place-making and economic prosperity.   URBACT is an EU funding stream which encourages cities across the union to explore innovative and sustainable methods to tackle shared challenges. It is based on a learning transfer model. A ‘Lead City’ models a behaviour, methodology or policy approach, and invites partner cities to learn from them, and transfer good practise to their own municipality. In late 2018, for the first time, Cork City successfully progressed to Phase 2 of an URBACT programme. As a current member of the URBACT ULG local group, CSLP has taken the lead on the delivery of a number of action areas in making Cork a playful city. While there are 5 action areas to address, CSLP has been involved in implementing the following:

  • Implementation of random games and gamification events or activites
  • Building capacity across Cork city to deliver fun filled festivals
  • Collaborating with local communities for playful projects
  • Developing a library service for play and toys in the library

A number of activites, events and initatives have taken place across Cork city since 2018 as part of this project. Over 40 events have been supported, a sample of these include:

  • Family Fun Days
  • Road Closure Events (Marina, Blackrock)
  • Urban October Events
  • Cork Summer Show play activities
  • Library activites 

To read more about the URBACT Playful Paradigm click HERE                                                                                                                                         

For further enquiries, please contact

Denise Cahill, Cork Healthy Cities Coordinator



Martha Halbert, Community and Enterprise Section, Cork City Council




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