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Training Plans


10K  Six Week Training Schedule


Whether you have run many before, or this is your very first time, the following schedules will enable you to prepare. For this guide you do need to be at a level where you are already running a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 x week. If you are not, try out a 5km guide and follow this first. Before you start it is essential that you are healthy & if starting exercise for the first time in a while, check with the GP that it is safe to do so.

Which schedule to follow?
Beginners: If you have never run a 5km or 10km distance before the Beginners running guide
is designed just for you. The program will start with short runs and longer walk/runs building
up to being able to run for 10km in 6 weeks.

Intermediate: The intermediate program is ideal for you if you are already running 5km
comfortably but need guidance on what to do to ensure you are capable of comfortably
completing a 10Km.

Advanced: If you are a seasoned 10km racer the schedule for Advanced running (sub 50
Min) guide will really help you speed up your times and help you achieve perhaps a new PB
(personal best). If you already run a sub 50min 10K easily then still use the Sub 50 guide
but record quicker times for your longer runs.

Actual: Use the ‘Actual’ schedule, to fill in what you do each week. This not only ensures you are doing the right amount of training, but also acts as a motivator to keep you going (carry your schedule in a convenient place or pin it up on your wall or fridge).
You can follow either one of the schedules or try training, somewhere in between but keep checking what you do against the three different programs.

N.B. The following training schedules are designed for healthy adults. It is advisable for anyone embarking on this program to check with their GP first. This program is to offer guidance to enhance your running be we cannot be held responsible for any injuries you may have as a result of following this advice. The day’s indicated are meant as a guide. Swap them around to fit into your schedule, making sure however that you have a rest day before your long run and easy workouts or rests after more intense sessions. Assume all sessions are running sessions, unless indicated otherwise.


Click here to download the 6 week 10k training plan




Click here to download the 5K Training Plan



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