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20x20 Club Charter

Thursday 12 March 2020

Following the successful launch of the 20x20 campaign in December 2018, the Federation of Irish Sport is excited to announce details of the 20x20 Club Charter.

The ‘20x20’ campaign seeks to adjust the current perception of women’s sport in Ireland. As we have previously highlighted we are in full support of the 20x20 campaign here at Cork Sports Partnership. For those interested in getting involved, along with programmes available such as ‘Women’s Try-A-Triathlon’, ‘Women’s Social Soccer’ and ‘Women’s Indoor rowing’, there is plenty of other options. Please see index.cfm/page/women-in-sport  for more information.

We are calling on all Cork clubs and communities to join us in pursuit of achieving the overall goal as stated by signing the 20x20 Club Charter and getting behind women’s involvement throughout sport. This is a worthwhile opportunity to consider and perhaps introduce to your club. It is to be noted that it is not compulsory and there is no monitoring or obligation to sign up.

As we know, sport can act as an engaging, fulfilling and purposeful means of improving health & wellness, build relationships and add vitality to our lives that every single person regardless of gender, race or ability can enjoy!

Upon the decision of signing up to the 2020 Club Charter, your club will receive a 20x20 Member Club flag to bear in your facility which will signify the support of this worthy and rewarding initiative to have more women and girls involved in sport in any area or capacity. Additionally your club will benefit from having the backing of the public and positive PR associated with supporting gender equality in sport.

You will also receive a 20x20 Member Club Charter and have the right to display the 20x20 logo on your social media channels and website. Your club can contribute and be part of a wonderful movement. Remember ‘If she can’t see it, she can’t be it!’

Sign up today at https://20x20.ie/clubs-charter/ . Please see below for further information on queries you may have.

Further information Q&A for clubs:

  •  Do I have to report on the club charter commitments if we sign up? No, but we would love to hear from you and the work that you are doing.
  • What if the club we are in uses community facilities and we cannot negotiate pitch or facility times etc.? We encourage you to focus on what your club can commit to under the 20x20 charter. There are a lot of suggestions in the accompanying information sheet.
  •  What if there isn’t agreement in our club on signing the 20x20 Charter and there is a real potential for conflict? The 20x20 Club Charter should be seen as an opportunity to discuss women and girls’ participation and profile within the club. We encourage you to commit to changes that do not impact negatively on relationships or the running of the club. If you are experiencing any difficulties then gradual changes over time may be an option.



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