Keeping Cork Active
Keeping Cork Active


A ‘SportsFest’ is a Come & Try event for older people that introduces them to a number of activities in a fun, supportive and social environment. Go For Life nationally through the Local Sports Partnerships and the HSE have been coordinating and supporting these events for the last number of years. 

Why a SportsFest?

A Sportsfest can serve a number of functions in a community:

  • mark the culmination of a programme of activity for older people.
  • promote Go For Life Training or other Go for Life opportunities.
  • promote activities that might be suitable for and taken up by older people

Cork Sports Partnership has linked up with the Health Promotion and Improvement Department of the HSE South as well as Fitwalk Ireland to host an Older Adult Sport and Physical Activity Festival on April 25th. The morning of activities seeks to introduce new recreational and sporting activities to the participants. 

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