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Autism and Fundamental Movement Skills

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) – 4 Series Webinar presented by Dr. Susan Crawford. This is a comprehensive online ASD and Movement training series. 

The 4 webinars culminate in a core ASD and Fundamental Movement Skill programme which is currently essential as both a regulatory and behaviour management strategy for children, young people and adults with autism. 

  1. An introduction to ecological interventions for autistic students- Thursday 2nd February
  2. Preforming and learning motor skills with autistic students- Thursday 9h February
  3. Collecting information and programme planning for autistic students– Thursday 23rd February
  4. Implementing an ecological intervention movement programme with autistic children – Thursday 2nd March

This training opportunity is provided through the Sports Inclusion Programme which aims to increase opportunities for children with disabilities to be active. 

Workshop Details

Webinar 1 Online: An introduction to ecological intervention for autistic students – Thursday 2nd February, 2023

  • This webinar will explore: 
  • ·       The essence and aims of ecological intervention,
  • ·       Benefits,
  • ·       Where it should take place, 
  • ·       Who can deliver it, 
  • ·       When it can begin, 
  • ·       How often is intervention needed and 
  • ·       Why choose it?

Webinar 2 Online: Performing and learning Motor Skills with autistic students – Thursday 9th February, 2023

This webinar will explore: 

  • ·       How we perform motor skills, 
  • ·       The Information Processing approach, 
  • ·       Dynamical Systems approach, 
  • ·       The Learning Process, 
  • ·       What is learning? 
  • ·       What changes when autistic students learn? 
  • ·       How to measure learning, 
  • ·       What are the phases of learning?


Webinar 3 Collecting Information and Programme Planning for Autistic Students – Thursday 23rd February, 2023

This webinar explores:

  • ·       The role of the Coach, 
  • ·       Assessing the student, 
  • ·       From assessment to intervention planning, 
  • ·       Assessing the environmental context, 
  • ·       Planning for positive interaction, and 
  • ·       Collating information for planning the programme. 


Workshop 4 Online: implementing an ecological intervention movement programme with autistic children – Thursday 2nd March, 2023

This webinar considers: 

  • ·       Ecological intervention in action, 
  • ·       Setting the scene, 
  • ·       Working in a meaningful context, 
  • ·       Learning specific skills through task analysis, task adaptation and expert scaffolding,
  • ·       Facilitating the learning process through instructions, 
  • ·       Practice and feedback, 
  • ·       Motor learning in the broader context and monitoring and evaluation. 


Follow on in person Workshop – Saturday 11th March, 2023

This workshop will include;

  • ·       Participant constructed schedule/agenda
  • ·       Introductory Presentation
  • ·       Active warm up
  • ·       Proprioceptive Stretches
  • ·       Group planning of specific case study based sessions
  • ·       Group feedback
  • ·       Summary
  • ·       Evaluation
  • ·       Take home messages
  • ·       Follow on CPD workshops exploration.

Next Available Course:

  • Schedule: 4 Thursday evenings Evenings, then a practical workshop Saturday 11th March.
  • Starts: Thursday 2nd February.
  • Course Dates: Thursday 2nd, 9th, 23rd February. Thursday 2nd March. 
  • Time: 6-7pm online via Zoom 


  • Cost: €20 for 4 part series 
  • Delivered online via Zoom 
  • Registration link will be sent out to you once registered 


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