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Healthy Food Made Easy


Healthy Food Made Easy

Healthy Food Made Easy is a 6 week peer-led nutrition and cookery course developed by community dieticians, aimed at helping people of all ages to make affordable healthier choices when shopping, cooking and eating which in turn can ultimately help reduce diet related conditions.

All weeks include a theory section and a cookery section. Sessions are roughly 2 hours per week.

Healthy Food Made Easy


Cork Sports Partnership through the WellComm Active Initiative are now taking applications from community groups and members of the community for the ‘Healthy Food Made Easy’ programme.

This 6-week nutrition education programme is developed by community dietitians for use with adult groups to promote healthy eating and to build simple cookery skills.

The aim is to improve the nutritional knowledge and eating habits of participants which in turn can ultimately help reduce diet related chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes & cancer.


There are 6 weekly sessions lasting roughly 2 hours. The practical sessions focus on healthy eating on a budget & preparing simple family foods. There is group participation in the cookery/cook along session & participants are encouraged to try the recommended recipes out at home. A community dietitian visits the course on week 5/6 to provide an input and to answer any specific dietary questions.

Session 1– ‘Building a Food Pyramid’ (introducing healthy eating guidelines)
Session 2– ‘The Fibre Providers’ (Fibre in cereals, fruit & vegetables)
Session 3– ‘Focus on Fats’ (learning about the good & bad fats)
Session 4– ‘Food for Life’ (family eating, children’s diets)
Session 5– ‘Shop Smart’ (Shopping on a budget, food labelling)
Session 6– ‘The Road Ahead’ (planning long term changes in eating habits)

Who can take part in this programme?

Any individual or group can sign-up for the programme.

Some of our groups have included young parents, men/women living alone with poor cooking skills, adults moving from care into independent living, but the course is adaptable to any group or individual.

It is not suitable for groups of young people less than 17 years of age.

Trained tutors are available to deliver the programme across Cork City and County.

Ideally a group number of 10-12 participants would suit best. – A minimum of 8 confirmed people MUST be available for the course to go ahead. Groups may be asked to make a small contribution to the cost of this programme – at a minimum cost of ingredients should be covered.

Courses will be organised based on demand, suitability of group & availability of tutor.

For more information, please contact Eoin Kaar,

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