Keeping Cork Active
Keeping Cork Active

Farmers on the Moove

What is the Farmers on the Moove Programme?

Farming traditionally is regarded as a healthy lifestyle but research has shown that farmers are disproportionately affected by lifestyle diseases. Farmers are most likely to suffer from circulatory diseases in comparison to other occupations. The Irish Heart Foundation research in 2014 with over 1000 farmers concluded that more than half of the participants had a history of heart disease, reported high blood pressure, cholesterol, were overweight or obese and 1/3 self-reported not achieving the daily PA guidelines, experienced stress, and high levels of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Cork Sports Partnership teamed up with Teagasc in west Cork to pilot a Farmers on the Moove programme across a number of communities.

The Farmers on the Moove Programme seeks to support and KICKSTART a farmers Health and Wellbeing journey adopting more positive lifestyle behaviours such as increasing levels of physical activity and healthy eating.

Whats involved in the programme?

There are their two key elements to the Farmers on the Moove Programme: 

  1. Physical Activity/Exercise Sessions

These one hour sessions will take place in community facilities and will tailored to suit all fitness levels, from beginners to those looking to get more active. Sessions will be a mixture of cardio, strength and circuit style activities facilited by an experienced and qualifed instructor. Participants will also be encouraged to be physically active outside these weekly sessions over the course of the programme. 

     2.  Healthy Food Made Easy 

Healthy Food Made Easy is peer-led nutrition and cookery course developed by community dieticians, aimed at helping people of all ages to make affordable healthier choices when shopping, cooking, and eating which in turn can ultimately help reduce diet-related conditions. Each week Mary as a trained Healthy Food Made Easy will take you through the key elements of the course in an easy-to-follow step-by-step process. The programme is delivered online and is open to all those that are signed up, including their family. 

More Information:

If you know any group that would benefit from a farmer’s on the moove programme please reach out to us.

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