Keeping Cork Active
Keeping Cork Active

Road Safety Education

Primary Schools

General Overview of Road Safety Promotion Service

Cork Sports Partnership has linked up with Cork County Council to increase awareness of the Road Safety workshops and training programmes available to schools in Cork. 

As part of the RSA’s commitment to bringing road safety into all communities, it has set up a Nationwide Road Safety Education Service. A team of road safety educators are available to travel to your pre-school, school, college, community, place of work, sporting organisation etc and deliver established and effective programmes to everyone which tackle all elements of road safety including walking, cycling, travel by public transport, being a passenger, urban rural transport issues and the practicing of safe road behaviour in general.

A member of Cork County Council will provide all members of the community, young and old, with an understanding of the importance of road safety through a series of fun interactive resources which will be tailored in an age appropriate way and will focus on road safety issues relevant to the community in which they live.

Primary School Programmes Available:

Option 1: Seatbelt Sheriff
(For children aged 7-9)

‘Seatbelt Sheriff’ is aimed at children in 1st class. The children become Seatbelt Sheriffs by taking a pledge to always wear their safety belt and to make sure that everyone else in the car is buckled up. They are given a sheriff’s badge and a certificate, which gives them the power to instruct passengers and drivers to ‘Buckle Up’ in any vehicle they are travelling in. This message of always wearing your safety belt can be encouraged through trainers and coaches in a sporting context.

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Seatbelt Sheriff
Option 2: Hi-Glo Silver
(For children aged 7-9)

‘Hi-Glo Silver’ was introduced to help Seatbelt Sheriff’ with his duties. He is the Seatbelt Sheriff’s horse and his message is one of visibility. He encourages children to remind their parents that they should wear their high-visibility jackets or belts when they are out walking. Hi-Glo Silver will be sent to children in 2nd who have received the Seatbelt Sheriff’s message the previous year. He brings the message of high visibility through a number of fun educational messages including a free high visibility armband for each child. This message of always wearing high visibility clothing when out walking can be reinforced by parents, coaches and trainers in a sporting context throughout the year.

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Secondary School Programmes Available:

(Junior Certificate Programme)

This is an activity based interactive resource for the Junior Certificate Programme as part of CSPE. Streetwise is designed in a lesson plan format so that a teacher can pick up the resource and immediately start the programme. It is an easy to follow resource and students are involved in each lesson. This message can be reinforce by sporting organisations regarding young people travelling to and from sporting events.

Your Road to Safety- A Transition Year Programme
(For 15-17 year olds)

This programme promotes awareness, knowledge, skills and values which create a foundation for the development of a safe road users now and into the future. You can use it in 20 hour or 45 hour formats. It introduces road safety to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists. This message can be reinforce by sporting organisations regarding young people travelling to and from sporting events.


‘’ is both an online and offline computer based programme which target at the high risk 17-24 year old age group as they are three times more likely to be killed in a collision on Irish roads compared to the rest of the population. It features a series of vodcast which illustrated with high tech animation the key points in each speaker’s testimony.

‘ is accompanied by a ‘discussion guide’ that includes additional exercises for each topic. This provides an opportunity for participants to look at themselves and their behaviour in relation to road safety. The vodcasts focus in the themes such as driver distraction, drug driving, road user impairment, living with the effects of spinal or brain injury, buying and using company car, driving without insurance, overcrowding in a car, modified cars, driving when using a mobile phone and driver fatigue. The Road Safety Authority run free ‘train the trainer’ sessions on how to deliver this programme.

Training lasts two hours.

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