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Keeping Cork Active

Playground Stencil Schools Initiative

Please Note: Due to unprecedented demand, waiting lists apply for this initiative. 

The Let’s Play Cork initiative, established in 2019, promotes play opportunities for people of all ages and abilities across Cork. To date a series of play activities, resources and projects have been delivered to families, communities and organisations with immense success. Some of the resources and projects include: 

  • Let’s Play Cork Booklet & Pack – Children 
  • Let’s Play Cork Booklet & Pack – Older Adults
  • Online Play Resources
  • Pop up Play events
  • Play Streets

Since 2019, we have been working to improve play opportunities in various spaces across Cork.  As part of the Let’s Play Cork initiative, we are delighted to announce an exciting partnership in play promotion between the HSE Health Promotion & Improvement Department & Cork Local Sports Partnership to support play activity in schools.  Children have an innate capacity and urge to play. Play which is directed by children is critically important to their everyday lives.  Access to quality play, both structured and unstructured, is known to help improve children and young people’s overall physical, mental, social and emotional health, well-being and development.  Through play children and young people make connections between themselves and the world around them.  

The aim of this initiative is to make play the easier option for primary schools in Cork.  Currently, schools can borrow the playground marking stencils from the Health Promotion Department and organise paint and laying themselves. Funding has become available through Cork Local Sports Partnership this year to subsidise the paint and laying of the stencils on your schoolyard.   

The playground stencils on your schoolyard will enhance the physical environment to promote physical activity, child development and play.

We are pleased to offer schools in Cork the opportunity to access the following:

  Option 1 

  Existing Loan Scheme – Borrow Stencils Only 


  Option 2 

  Painting and laying of stencils              


This initiative is subsidised by Cork Sports Partnership, Healthy Ireland and the HSE Health Promotion and Improvement Department. 

Please note the same stencils are being used in both options and that the stencils once put down last for one school year.

Steps involved in the Application Process

Step 1. Schools register their interest in taking part by filling out the application form and indicating their preferred option.

Step 2. Registration will be acknowledged by Cork Sports Partnership (CSP) and schools will be contacted to confirm acceptance and their preferred option.

Step 3. Schools will be serviced on a first come first served basis.

Step 4. On receipt of payment for Option 2 CSP will arrange to have the playground stencils laid on a suitable day.

Step 5. CSP & the Health Promotion and Improvement Department, HSE will follow-up with the school to seek feedback on the initiative.

Playground Stencil Schools Initiative Registration Form

Contact Information:

For further information, please contact Tim Burke

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