Keeping Cork Active
Keeping Cork Active

WellComm Active at Home

When we look after our physical health, our mental health can feel the benefits too. There are lots of other things we can do along with physical activity that will enhance our health and wellbeing. 

Cork Sports Partnership in conjunction with a number of partner organisations, have put together the following health and wellbeing resources that will support you and your family through this difficult and challenging time. 

Click here >>> to download the ‘Keep Cork Active’ booklet.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Tips

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare

Daniel Flynn, Principal Psychology Manager, Cork Kerry Mental Health Services has put together a series of help sheets to provide steps and information on a number of key issues people might experience during this time:

Daniel has also created a series of videos ‘5 Ways over 5 Days‘ to further support us in looking after our mental health and wellbeing througout the course of a week: 

  • Day 1, Monday– Understanding our Emotions- Why we have emotions and how we manage them even if we do not like them. Click here>>>
  • Day 2, Tuesday – Understanding our states of mind, how with balancing emotion and reason we find a more wise mind. Click here>>>
  • Day 3, Wednesday -Daily Mindfulness- How to be in the moment, the “what” and “how” of everyday practice. Click here>>>
  • Day 4, Thursday – Relationship Mindfulness- how to be mindful of others and protect your relationships. Click here>>>
  • Day 5, Friday – Coping with Distress- some crisis survival tips when things are not how you want them to be. Click here>>>

Minding Your Mental Health

The HSE are advising everyone to keep a realistic perspective on the current situation and only follow updates and information from trustworthy and reliable sources. Here are a few tips the HSE has put together:

  • Stay informed but set limits for news and social media. For HSE updates – Click here >>>
  • Try to keep up your healthy routine.
  • Stay connected to others using social media, phone calls, email, phone/video calls, text.
  • Talk to children and young people.
  • Online and phone supports are available for people if needed. For a list of of these – Click here >>>

Mental Health

The Occupational Therapy Department of the HSE with the support of Cork Kerry Community Healthcare have created a fantastic resource to support people through social distancing:

  • Looking after your mental health while social distancing- Click here>>> 

5 Ways to WellbeingFamily Wellbeing Toolkit

Looking after our wellbeing can be hard when we are being told to stay inside, keep our distance from others, and limit our contact with the outside.

Whether we are going for a stroll with family within the 5k of our home, or in the back garden lets try appreciate what we have on our doorsteps! At the same time, try and target the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing‘ as highlighted by Mental Health Ireland:

Be Active – Walk your neighbourhood (within the 2k radius of your home) and discover what is on your doorstep.
Connect & Give – Check in on neighbours (remotely and in line with social distancing), stay connected, and offer support in other ways.
Take Notice – Enjoy Nature. Notice the changes of spring with blossoms and bird migration.
Keep Learning – learning about different plants, flowers, trees, birds, animals, & insects you noticed on your walk. 
Further supports and information is available on 

Family Wellbeing Toolkit & Planner:

MHI as part of their response to Covid-19 have now developed a Family Toolkit and Wellbeing Planner for busy households. Simply download the planner and get the family involved in schedules, to-do lists and much more:

Wellbeing Toolkit- Click here>>>
Wellbeing Family Planner- Click here>>>

Active Coping Calendar

Keep calm, stay wise and be kind.

This Active Coping Calendar has daily actions each month to help us look after ourselves and each other.

  • Download the calendar for December- Click here >>>
  • Print it off, share with friends & family online or just check in each day during May.  

Healthy Food & Healthy Eating Guidelines

START Family Campaign

The “START” campaign from Safefood, the HSE and Healthy Ireland has been created to help parents and families get started and build momentum by achieving one daily win when it comes to achieving healthier choices.

The following tips might keep everyone healthy in body and mind as we adapt to new routines and ways of co-existing at home: 

Get STARTED today with:

Making Healthy Choices

Eating well is important for us all and enhances our overall health and wellbeing. It is important to try and maintain a good balanced diet.

With huge changes to our home and personal lives it can’t be easy, so here are a few ideas and tips from the HSE (Healthy Eating Active Living) to help:

  • Use the FOOD PYRAMID as a guide for the amount and types of food to eat each day. For a detailed serving size guide – Click here >>>
  • Base your meals on plenty of vegetables, salad and fruit. More info – Click here >>>
  • Choose wholemeal and wholegrain breads, cereals, pasta and brown rice. More info – Click here >>>
  • Choose low-fat milk, yoghurt or cheese. Choose milk and yoghurt more often than cheese. More info – Click here>>>
  • Include a small amount of poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, beans or meat at 2 meals. Choose fish up to twice a week – oily fish is best. More info – Click here >>>
  • For a list of food and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt – Click here >>>

The HSE, MABS, Safefood and Healthy Ireland have a fantastic book full of tasty and easy meals using everyday ingredients.

For a copy of “101 Square Meals” – Click here >>> 

Safefood Tips & Meal Ideas

Making healthier food choices can sometimes be hard. In particular, it might pose a challenge for families and those getting used to new living restrictions during this current crisis. 

Safefood Ireland has developed a few online tutorials and resources that can help:

Exam Students: Safefood have put together some tips & ideas for those of you preparing or sitting exams over the coming weeks and months. Click here>>>

For more information and other recipe ideas for you and your family – click here >>>

Project Spraoi

Project Spraoi is an initiative coordinated by Cork Institute of Technology, that aims to increase physical activity, improve dietary intake and positively influence the overall health of Irish children. 

The following Project Spraoi resources will also keep you active and healthy at home. 

For more information on Project Spraoi see

WellComm Active Phone Line

This is an over the phone service for ADULTS providing advice around Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL).

The advice provided is compiled from 3 main sources:

  • HSE Public Health Guidelines (Physical Activity Guidelines)
  • CSP Keep Cork Active Document

WellComm Active Programmes:

  • Healthy Food Made Easy
  • Staying Fit for the Future
  • Project Weightloss
  • Made2Move

The support line will also inform people when programmes will be scheduled to take place once the Covid-19 situation subsides and that we can resume regular programming. 

WellComm Active Phone Line: 086 1409 225 

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