Keeping Cork Active
Keeping Cork Active

At Home Activity Resources

Cork Sports Partnership in conjunction with a number of partner National Governing Bodies of Sport & organisations, have put together the following physical activity opportunities and resources to help you and your family stay active! 


Please adhere to up to date HSE guidelines on social distancing if you are exercising in public spaces. These guidelines can be viewed here >>>.

Click here >>> to download the ‘Keep Cork Active’ booklet. 



Basketball Ireland has developed several coaching resources, activities, challenges and interactive videos to help you keep fit & healthy at home. 

Resources range from a weekly Basketball skills challenges to quiz nights, and for those looking to improve their coaching knowledge during this time, a series of coaching podcasts.  

For more information on any of the above basketball initiatives, contact Basketball Development Officer, Ciaran O Sullivan by emailing

Basketball Skills Challenge

Check out Basketball Ireland‘s Ball Handling Skills Programme with CJ Fulton, Sorcha Tiernan & Pete Madsen, Green Shoots Coaching Manual downloads and the 28 Day Basketball Skills Challenge below!

Greenshoots Coaching Greenshoots Coaching Greenshoots Coaching Greenshoots Coaching

Green Shoots Programme

Green Shoots Ball Handling Skills Programme:

This programme is aimed at all of our younger members and for those who may not have played the game before. Every Monday, a new video will launch on the Basketball Ireland YouTube channel ( and social media platforms. Young players will be taken through the drills by some of the top young talent in the country and the drills will help young players to develop basic basketball skills and keep them active from the comfort of their own home!

The first instalment will feature CJ Fulton, who will cover a number of ball handling skills in the first video, which will launch on Monday, April 13th.

All that you need to take part is a basketball, or if you don’t have a basketball, you can try the skills with any ball you might have at home. You will also need a little bit of space. Speaking about the new initiative, Cork Sports Partnership Basketball Development Officer and Head of Development at Basketball Ireland, Ciaran O’Sullivan said: “During this time with a lot of people having to remain at home it is still important to remain active. Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out our skills programme that can be completed at home and is ideal for those who might have never tried basketball before or for someone trying to keep their skills sharp when regular basketball is not possible. We hope that everyone will get involved and send us in your clips from home!”

  • All video tutorials can be found: Click here>>>
  • Keep an eye out here for further skills coming soon!!!

Skills at Home Week One: Ball Handling with CJ Fulton

Skills at Home Week Two: Dribbling with Sorcha Tiernan

Skills at Home Week Three: Full body workout with BI Head of Athletic Development, Peder Madsen

Skills at Home Week 4: Shooting with Dayna Finn

Skills at Home Week 5: Advanced Dribbling with Annaliese Murphy

Skills at Home Week 6: Coming Soon

Green Shoots Downloads:


Jumping into the archives:

  • The 28 Day Challenge – Players don’t worry, we have you covered! If you’re at home & missing basketball, then now is the time to sharpen up your skills – all you need is a ball & a net. Check out all 28 day videos: Click here>>>


Contact Details:


Cycling Ireland has developed a number of cycling resources to keep you and your family active at home. 

Whether you are looking to hone your off-road skills, take part in a virtual indoor league or improve certain cycling skills during this time, there are plenty of options to choose from.  

Wild Atlantic Sports

For those of you yet to master the art of cycling, we have also teamed up with Wild Atlantic Sports to bring you a online Step by Step video guide to teach your child to cycle a bike at their own pace.

  • Learn to Cycle From Home with Wild Atlantic Sports: 
    1. Introduction to the programme & Tutor Ruth, – Click here >>>
    2. Bike Set Up: Coming soon
    3. Helmet Set Up: Coming soon

Cycle Right Resources for Parents

Cycle Right Resources for Parents and Guardians:

Cycling Ireland have a number of Cycle Right Resources to help parents in guiding their family to staying safe and cycling the right way! Check out the following below!

Cycle Right - Before you start

Cycling Ireland Zwift League

Cycling Ireland have launched a series of races and training sessions on the popular online training platform Zwift

The Cycling Ireland Zwift League is a 12-race series for men and women of all abilities. The series starts on Saturday morning with a 2-lap, 36km race!


Off Roads Skills Videos

Learn some Off Roads Skills with Cycling Ireland in your own back garden, drive way or green with these fun Cycling Ireland Videos.

  • Track Stand 

  • Cone Movement and Attack Position

  • Cornering 

  • Climbing 

  • Drop Off 

  • Power Assisted Front Wheel Lift

  • Rear Wheel Lift 

  • Bunny Hop

Cycle Right Videos

Cycle Right Video Resources:

Cycling Ireland have a number of Cycle Right Video Resources to help you and your family stay safe and the cycle right way! Check out the following video below!

Pre Checks Film:

Blind Zones Film:

Cycle Right Stage One Film:


With grassroots golf activity in clubs across the country and all CGI activities postponed, Confederation of Golf Ireland has developed a number of ‘CGI Golf at Home Challenges’  for all the family to take part in.


The Camogie Association has a vast array of fantastic games, skills and challenges for children and families to participate in.

Interested in Coaching? Great resource for you here too!

Camogie Resources


Athletics is a great way to keep active at home and provides a variety of different easy to set up activities for all the family to enjoy. 

We have compiled a variety of options from Athletics Ireland with something suitable for all members of the family.  

Athletics options

For more information on any of the above Athletics initiatives, contact Cork & CIT Athletics Development Officer, Craig Harrington by emailing


Volleyball Ireland has put together some useful links & resources that will keep you engaged and active through volleyball activities over the coming weeks.

The resources range from volleyball skill development, physical fitness & nutrition. 

Coaching Resources

To help improve your Volleyball whilst at home, Volleyball Ireland have put together some useful links that can provide some insights on physical preparation and skill development. There’s also a range of resources to inform you on other aspects of Volleyball such as Nutrition.


  • SpikeBall is a fantastic introduction for young children to become involved in the wonderful game of volleyball. SpikeBall can be played by you and your family in the comfort of your own back garden.
  • Click here>>> for the Spikeball Resource Pack

Physical Training Guidance:

  • Tennis ball for foot sensitivity. 1 minute per foot x 3 times. 6 minutes in total:

  • One leg squat and balance. 1 minute per leg x 2 times:

  • Balance and control. 1 minute per leg x 2 times:

  • Balance on one leg with torso rotation. Make sure you do not twist your spine and keep looking in front of you. If you don’t have a medicine ball you can use one or two plastic bottles of water. 2Kg max of total weight in your hands. 10 repetitions on your right and 10 on your left x 2 times: Click here>>>
  • Squats and balance. Make sure you keep your spine fully straight. Do not bend your back but keep it rigid. 5 repetitions x 3 times: Click here>>>
  • Full squat with stick. 8 repetitions x 3 times: Click here>>>
  • One leg squat and balance with stick. 5 repetitions for right leg and 5 for left leg x 3 times: Click here>>>

 Some Skill Development Tips:

Nike Sports Camps

  • Provides some really good and useful topics for coaching Volleyball, including drills you can practice on your own. This is primarily aimed at Teenagers, with some great tips of conditioning and nutrition.
  • For information: Click here>>> 

CEV Schools Handbook

  • The CEV have an excellent resource for younger kids, that are at primary school age.
  • For information: Click here>>>
  • They also have a super handbook: Click here>>>

Art of Coaching Volleyball

  • Art of Coaching is one of the leading paid coaching resource sites, however they have a range of free tutorials on their Youtube Channel
  • For video resources: Click here>>>

Sitting Volleyball For All The Family, Use Balloons, Be Creative!

Sitting Volleyball at home:

Involve the whole family and set up a sitting volleyball competition outside your back garden, sitting room or driveway. Adapt games and matches using balloons, makeshift nets and using chairs or the ground!


Orienteering is a great way to get out and explore while enjoying the outdoors. 

We have compiled a number of resources from the Irish Orienteering Association & Cork Orienteering Club to help get you started including maps, kits, games, courses & activities. 

Permanent Courses & Activities


Please adhere to HSE guidelines on social distancing if you are exercising in public spaces 

Ballincollig Regional Park

Farran Forest Park

Orienteering Games

Are you ‘Ready To Go’ Orienteering? Check out these fun and exciting games for beginners that you and your family can play in your house, garden or local park (Please adhere to current HSE guidelines that recommend brief exercise outdoors is permitted within a 2km radius of your home while maintaining a social distance of 2 metres or more from other people)

Irish Orienteering Association of Ireland Education & Games 

Map a room


Rowing Ireland has created a number of rowing workouts, challenges & tips to keep you active through indoor rowing at home.

The Olympics might be postponed until 2021 but you can still virtually row, walk, jog or cycle your way to Tokyo with the ROWKYO Challenge. 

Useful Rowing Links

  • Daily Nutrition Tips – Click here >>>
  • Home Workouts – Click here >>>
  • ROWKYO Challenge – Get your family involved, row,  walk, jog or cycle, log your km’s and help us virtually reach Towkyo! – Click here >>> 

For those with access to rowing machines

Other Rowing Resources

  • Great online resources such as training, exercises etcs – Click here >>>

Cork Sports Partnership has put together a number of soccer activities and resources in conjunction with the SFAIJen Murphy Sketches and to help you improve your soccer skills at home. 

  • Miss watching Soccer on your TV? There are plenty of past SFAI matches to catch up on! – Click here >>>

SFAI 12 Day Skills Challenge

The Schoolboys Football Association of Ireland 12 Day Skills Challenge:

  • Check out some of the submissions and entries received on the SFAI Facebook Page from Day 1 right through to Day 12!
  • Completed the 12 Day Skills Challenge? Why not download and print off your certificate below!
  • For full details and updates on the Schoolboys Football Association of Ireland 12 Day Skills Challenge: Click here>>>

Highlights – Day 1

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 2

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 3

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 4

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 5

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 6

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 7

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 8

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 9

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 10

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 11

Skill Card

Highlights – Day 12

Skill Card

SFAI 12 Day Skills Challenge
skill cert

Cork Clubs Soccer School Assignments

With schools closed and League of Ireland games postponed, reporter Tom O’Connor (@LoiMuinteoir) has been hard at work and has produced a set of club specific lessons suitable for 3rd to 6th class students.

With parents trying to keep their children entertained and educated during this difficult period, the lessons are a perfect combination for any parent with a football-loving child.






Badminton is a great way for all the family to stay active together.

Badminton Ireland’s Teicnic Badminton skills-based programme is an ideal way to involve some physical activity in your day & to keep your family entertained!


School of Parkrun is here! From Monday 30th March, parkrun will be setting daily parkrun-themed tasks for children of all ages and the whole family to try together.

All challenges can be completed around the house or in the garden, making sure you stay safe and at home during this difficult time.

New daily challenges set each morning covering; English, Science, Geography, Maths, Art.

For more information on the School of Parkrun

parkrun may be out for the time being, but the School of parkrun is here now! parkrun are happy to say that from Mon, 30th March, they will be setting daily parkrun-themed tasks for children of all ages and the whole family to try together!

They will be covering five subjects:

  • English
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Maths
  • Art

Each morning you will be set with a new challenge for the day on parkrun’s YouTube channel, and you can then send parkrun your work on social media using the hashtag #schoolofparkrun and they will share some of their favourites each day!

Keep an eye out and follow parkrun’s social media channels: 


Boxing is a great way to get your heart pumping and your body moving.

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association has assembled the following boxing workouts to help keep you and your family fighting fit at home.

Katie Taylor's Home Circuits

Follow World Lightweight Champion, Olympic Gold medallist and 5 time World Amateur Champion Katie Taylor as she posts a series of boxing circuits over the next few weeks that you can do at home without equipment.

Session 1:

Katie Taylor

Session 2:

Katie Taylor

Session 3:

Katie Taylor


Triathlon Ireland has developed some fun and educational resources for families and home workouts for adults.

In addition to Triathlon Ireland’s resources, Cork Triathlon Coach Bjorn Ludick is running a number of Turbo Sessions for kids on his YouTube channel. 

Family Bike Skills

Triathlon Ireland Family Bike Skills

If you have a few water bottles lying around the house, they can be put to great use in bike skills games! Triathlon Ireland Development Officer Gary Crossan (helped brilliantly by Dylan!) takes you through 3 braking related cycling drills for all the family to take part in! These can be done in your driveway or garden and need minimal equipment.

YouTube Turbo Kids Training

Tri Coach Bjorn’s Online Kids Turbo Training sessions:

Tri Coach Bjorn brings Online Kids Turbo Training sessions to your home each week! These Online Kids Turbo Training sessions cater for all young Triathletes and Cyclists, and each week, Bjorn will focus on keeping the class challenging, interesting and fun!!  

What do you need?

  • Working Bike
  • Turbo Trainer
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Strong Internet Connection
  • A lot of energy!!!


Ladies Gaelic Football

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association has a number resources to help children stay active through gaelic football. These range from LGFA Skills videos and coaching webinars to Skills Challenges with Cork Footballer Orla Farmer.

The LGFA is also running a series of Live Coaching Webinars in conjunction with the GAA and An Cumann Camogaíochta.

Table Tennis

Check out some of the resources below from Munster Table Tennis who have compiled a list of Table Tennis videos and links, including how to make your own Ping Pong Table at home & playing alone tips!!!


Swim Ireland has put together a number Swim For A Mile resources to keep people active at home while out of the pool.


Munster Rugby has designed some home skills videos which children can complete within the confines of their home environment to help improve their rugby skills as well as hand eye coordination.

These are designed to keep players active while engaging some personal development, learning of key technical skills as well as having a little fun.


There is plenty to do off the court to improve your physical fitness or technique, but there are also ways to improve your mental game during this down time!

Check out some of Tennis Ireland’s online resources below!


The GAA is providing a daily learning programme to help parents, teachers and children learn from home.

Junior infants to 6th class pupils will be catered for as this programme engages children in both physical and academic learning.

GAA Now is now showing archive matches and highlights from down through the years across both Hurling and Football. 

GAA Learning School Activities

During this period when Primary Schools are closed and children are at home, the GAA will be publishing a series of daily learning activities and skill challenges to support parents and children in achieving their academic and physical activity needs! For a full list of the Gaa Learning Portal Resources Click here>>>

Weekly Curriculum Lesson Plans and Physical Activities for Primary School Children: 

Click the following links to download:

Learning Activity 1 – Geography​​

Learning Activity 2 – Art

Learning Activity 3 – English

  • Junior Infants to 2nd Class Lesson: Click here>>>
  • 3rd to 6th class pupils Exercise:

    – Discuss with another person who is your favourite player and give three reasons
    – Prepare an argument to pick your Team of the year
    – Write an essay about your favourite player

  • For More Lessons: Click here>>>

Learning Activity 4 – History

Gaa Kids Activity Pack:

  • Click here to download the Gaa Kids Activity Packs

GAA Learning Skill Challenges

Skills Challenge 1 – Overhead Catch challenge with TJ REID

Skills Challenge 2 – Toe Tap with James McCarthy

Skills Challenge 3 – Hurling: Hand Pass with Mags Darcy

Skills Challenge 4 – Football: Hook Kick & Catch with Cian Breheny

Kieran Lillis High Catch – GAA Go Games Skill Challengs

Tommy Doyle High Catch – GAA Go Games Skill Challenges

GAA Coach Webinar Series

To help coaches through this difficult period, the GAA, An Cumann Camogaíochta and the LGFA have created a series of coach development sessions to take place over the coming weeks. The sessions will run every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm.

Every Tuesday there will be a live Questions and Answers session with a coach. Any participants in the Q and A will have an opportunity to view the coach delivering a session from the GAA Games Development Conference over the last couple of years and submit their questions via the registration form for the coach to answer live.

Every Thursday there will be a live webinar presented by a coach or coach developer. The webinar will be a 30 minute presentation followed by a live Q and A with the presenter. For full details on the GAA Coach Webinar Series: Click here>>>

Webinar Dates & Details:

  • Tues, 7th April: Q and A – Owen Mooney
  • Thurs, 9th April: Webinar – Gerard O’Connor, Games Development Manager, Dublin GAA
  • Tues, 14th April: Q and A – Stuart Lancaster, Senior Coach, Leinster Rugby
  • Thurs, 16th April: Webinar – Dr. Damien Young, Performance Analyst Tipperary Senior Hurlers / Cliodhna O’Connor, Coach, Dublin Senior Hurlers and Orlaith Curran, Athletic Development Coach, IRFU*
  • Tues, 21st April: Q and A – Liam Moggan, Coach Educator
  • Thurs, 23rd April: Webinar – Shane Keegan, former Manager Wexford Youths, Galway United
  • Tues, 28th April: Q and A – Prof Wade Gilbert, Fresno State University, California. Coach, Canadian Olympic Softball Team
  • Thurs, 30th April: Webinar – Johnny Bradley, Programme Director MSc Sports Performance Analysis, Carlow IT
  • Note that the 16th April Webinar event will be two separate webinars. One involving Dr Damien Young, and the second involving Cliodhna O’Connor and Orlaith Curran.


  • Please note that each new session involves a new registration period. Any coach that has registered previously must register for any individual session that they wish to attend. This is because each new session involves a new set of log on details that are sent out electronically on the day of each session.
  • Registration opens at 9pm following the completion of each session. A valid email address is required for each registration.
  • Registration for the upcoming session involving Owen Mooney, as well as details of the session to be presented are available at Click here>>> 
Tug of War

The Irish Tug of War Association has put a fun and informative video together on Tug of War related exercises and how to adapt normal household items into fun training props. 


For those interested in Cricket, Cricket Ireland has put together a cricket colouring book to keep children occupied during COVID-19.

Physical Activity & PLAY Resources

Water, Road, Farm Safety

Cork County Council has a number of resources to keep children entertained, informed and educated during this difficult time, check out the following fun resources below:

Physical Activity & PLAY

Cork Sports Partnership has compiled a comprehensive list of additional physical activity & PLAY resources to provide a variety of different opportunities for children to keep active in the home.

Physical Activity & PLAY Resources – Click here >>>

Family Play
Older Adults
Children & Youth
People with Disabilities
Adults & Youth
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