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Get Ireland Walking

Get Ireland Walking is a national initiative which exists to maximise the number of people participating in walking; for health, wellbeing and fitness, throughout Ireland.

Get Ireland Walking seeks to :

  • Unify and enable the efforts of all recreation, sporting and health promotion agencies and associations interested in promoting walking
  • Increase awareness and encourage widespread participation in walking
  • Identify and support all existing walking groups
  • Support the development of new walking groups
  • Encourage and inspire those that wish to be independent walkers to do so
  • Promote the benefits of walking
  • Provide groups with walking resources and online material


Active Community Walking Programme 

The Get Ireland Walking Active Community Walking Programme aims to support the creation of vibrant walking communites throughout Ireland. The programme will work with communities to increase the capacity and potential of people with low levels of physical activity to become more active through walking. 

Cork Sports Partnership coordiante the programme locally in Cork and under the Active Community Walking programme provide walking facilitators to interested groups/communities over a period of 6-8 weeks to roll out the programme. These facilitators are provided free of charge under the GIW Active Community Walking Programme.

Want to get Involved?

Cork Sports Partnership under the GIW ACWP  is seeking  groups / communities who would like to get a walking club / group going in their area under this programme.   A trained facilitator will attend 6 sessions and provide advice / resources which will help the group become sustainable. 

If you are interested in availaing of this programme please complete the expression of interest form below and return to Cork Sports Partnership. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Barry  on 021434 7096. You can also email boconnell@corksports.ie to recieve a form also.







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